Thursday, January 26, 2006

Kids driven to kill by song?

Popular Song Being Blamed For Teen's Death
Experts: Song Incites Potentially Dangerous Actions
A popular song among teens is being blamed for the recent death of a high school football player.
The song is titled "Knuck If You Buck." It was recorded by a group of Atlanta high school kids who call themselves "Crime Mob."
Most kids just dance to the song, but some claim that others sometimes react to it.
Baron Braswell II was stabbed to death at a teen hotel party in Spotsylvania County. Witnesses said that when the song began playing, the trouble started.
Some young people said what happened at the hotel is not uncommon when the song "Knuck If You Buck" is played.
"Yeah, they get violent. Something breaks out and somebody gets stabbed, shot, something," said a teen who wanted to remain anonymous.
For many, "knuck if you buck" means punch or swing as hard as you can.
Lisa Fager is with a think tank called Industry Ears that follows the music industry.
"When you take that and put it on young people who don't have the skills sometimes of determining what is reality and what is not, you're going to get this type of reaction," said Fager. "It hypes you up, certain music, so this particular song that you're talking about, it gets you all excited. Even in the song lyrics it talks about swinging on people and people get overly excited. And, the song talks about beating and stomping people. So, what do you expect?"
The following is a sample of the lyrics:
"Yeah we knuckin' and buckin' and ready to fight..I betcha I'm a throw dem thangs...So haters best to think twiceSee me I ain't nothin' niceAnd crime mob, it ain't no stoppin'They be like Saddam, Hitler and Osama Bin Laden."
Experts said although, "Knuck If You Buck" is just another song, sometimes it's more than just music.


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