Monday, August 16, 2004

Blogger Be Ware! Not too long ago, in the early spring I remember getting an email from a good friend who worked for an elected official. The email read:
Be careful what you blog on the net. People do read. Poor Sen Dewine. Some girl has been blogging all day at the office, talking about sex with men. It is going to be a long day at Sen. Dewine's office.
Now I do assume that people whom aren't friends or internet acquaintances read my blog? Of course not. Much like young unsuspecting Jessica Cutler. I blog for myself and a few friends. I don't suspect that everyone is reading my blog. Of course, I don't blog about my sex life. I most certainly would not be reporting on my exploits. I relate to Jessica. I can remember the college years, when discussing size, stamina, and other intimate details of your sex life with your girlfriends was cool. My girlfriends and I grew out of that quickly around senior year. As a woman I do feel for young Jessica. She was bragging to her friends. Receiving $400 per tryst from a wealthy Georgetown lawyer. She was young, sexy, hip and cool. What an exciting life she was living!!!! (I hope she has taken an AIDS test.) Of course she only made $20,000 per year. Who could live on so little money??? Well the #1 article on the Washington Post's most read articles is none other than little Jessica Cutler's article about her experiences. She has signed a six figure book deal and posed for Playboy. Not bad for a 20 something that was bored and blogged about her life to her friends. Since it was easier to tell all of them at the same time, as opposed to tellin the same story over and over. I wonder if Jessica has heard about email, there is a great tool on email known simple as cc:?????? Enough fun for one day! Here is the link:


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