Thursday, July 01, 2004

"Outing" of Republican Staffers

Living in a liberal cosmopolitan city, you meet diverse people, of different backgrounds, nationalities and sexual orientation. Some of course are liberal yellow dog democrats. Some are conservative Republicans. A few are homosexual.

The concept of Gay Republican staffers is not new. However, "outing" staffers for their sexual orientation is a new concept. That is exactly what Mike Rodgers, a gay Republican activist wants to do. Many of these staffers are true believers in several of the party's platform, limited government, states rights, etc.,

The strategy of course is to harm the congressional member, Senator, or the White House.

Now, there are several "out" gay staffers. I know of several that work for different Republican members and the White House.

"Outing" those whom are not running for political office or seeking a civic role/paid position.

Here is the news article....

Gay Secrets
Written by 9 News
Last Updated: 6/25/2004 12:05:51 PM

It may come as no secret that gay people are working in the White House and for Republican congressmen and Senators.

But many of them may still be closeted - and that's where gay activists feel they have their ammunition.

By "outing" the gay staffers - some say they feel they expose the hypocrisy of the lawmakers pushing for a ban on gay marriage.

USA TONIGHT recently spoke with one of the staffers who said he has been threatened. He asked that we not reveal his identity.

But that's not stopping the threats - already calls have been made to some Republican lawmakers who support the ammendment letting them know that someone on their staff is gay.

Joining us tonight is Mike Rodgers, who is a gay activist who has made calls to closeted gay aids of Republicans, and Christopher Barron, who is with the Log Cabin Republicans - a group that thinks exposing these people's private lives is unfair.


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