Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Obama! Obama! Obama!

Many of my conservative friends are surprised to find out that I am supporting Obama! I do like and admire Alan Keyes. In my opinion the race is one of two men that I greatly admire.

However, Obama is the candidate I am supporting. Here is a snippet of an article from Africana.com

OBAMA'S POST-BLACK POLITICS: The Republican Party's selection of Maryland-native Alan Keyes to run for Illinois' open U.S. Senate seat is historic news, writes Africana.com's Siddhartha Mitter, but no media outlet has picked up on the real meat of the story: the generational change. If Illinois voters elect state Sen. Barack Obama, who enjoys an overwhelming lead in the polls, he will be the youngest U.S. Senator and one of the first from outside the Baby Boom. Keyes, 54, is of the old school. Growing up during the civil-rights movement, the conservative Republican's ideology -- "the bootstrappism that opposes affirmative action, the explicit religiosity that denies the separation of church and state" -- harks back to Booker T. Washington, Mitter argues. At 43, Obama came of age during the Reagan administration, developing his political beliefs during a time of deep economic inequalities and the abandonment of inner cities, Mitter says. The son of a black African father and a white Kansan mother, Obama represents "a new generation ascending to power, among whom racial mixing (black, white, other) is increasingly common; a generation of shades of brown." It's a sort of post-identity politics that takes more than race in consideration. The concept is a work in progress, but as Mitter writes, "Its emergence on the national scene is long overdue."


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