Thursday, May 13, 2004

Are African Americans Realizing Their Full Political Power by voting overwhelmingly 90% Democratic?

Many people are shocked, dismayed and surprised when they find out that I am a registered, card carrying Republican.

I proudly list my Bush/Cheney yard sign in my front yard. I am not ashamed to describe myself as a Republican.

My shock is with the many African Americans who vehemently oppose Republicans. Whom believe that Republicans are evil and only interested in moving African American's back to "Jim Crow" days.

As an African American Republican, I am saddened to see and hear the vilifying and negative comments geared towards us.

Many of us work diligently to affect change in the urban/inner city community.

Many notable DC Democrats speak to me privately and state that "the black community needs an effective two party system" in order to do more for African Americans.

I got the following letter this morning at a meeting. I am going to share it here for all of you to read and discuss. This letter is addressed to African Americans. (Note: I am not typing the entire letter, just passages.)

Do you believe that politicians and their political parties really care about you? We are writing to inform you of a well-kept secret. Politicians do the least for straight ticket voters. Your loyalty is not rewarded. Any why should it? If you don't hold your elected officials accountable by making them earn your vote, then they will take you for granted. So what can you do about this?

Isn't it time that your vote does more to benefit you the a politician or a political party? Isn't it time that the election is about you and your needs, and not the needs of a politician or a party?

Both republicans and democrats are fighting over the Hispanic vote, the Jewish vote, and the Catholic vote because these groups have show that they will vote for both republican and democratic candidates. You deserve no less.


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