Friday, April 30, 2004


2004 Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader is going to receive a donation to his campaign from me. He stated this morning on a local radio show in Washington, DC, his "personal dissappointment with the congressional black caucus." Nader, described inner city neighborhoods, full of crime, predatory lenders, legalized loan sharks (rent to own companies) and a host of other issues that plague the inner city.

To Donate:

He put a part of the blame on the shoulders of the CBC and it's leader Ellijah Cummings. Nader urged the CBC to stand up for its issues. To not be passive and speak out on issues that affect African Americans.

Listening to him, this a.m, I could not have agreed more wholeheartedly with his comments. The CBC has done some good things. Lord knows they throw a hell of a party.

When it comes to issues affecting African Americans, they tend to be extremely partisan and not challenging both political parties, i.e. Republican or Democrat to take stands regarding African Americans.

On another note....

American Idol - Finally John Stevens was voted off. However was anyone upset to see George Huff in the bottom? Doesn't bode well for George.

Thursday, April 29, 2004


I wanted to post some of my favorite links so that others can view some of these great sites. These are sites I frequent and gain information from.

Just thought I would share some great sites!

Great Day
Today my brother Kwaku ( is in town visiting the family. Whenever Kwaku comes to town it is as if the prodigal son has come home to visit. Everything stops!

Well I am still floating on my high from the African American Leadership Summit, but I have to ask? Where was CNN? Fox News? C-Span?

Is there a liberal media conspiracy?

Just some updates on me:

I live in Washington, DC.
I am in my mid 30's (you know women don't reveal their age?)
I have my own marketing/urban economic development consulting business.
I am very active politically.
I am conservative in my view's however, liberal or moderate on several social and minority issues.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

African American Leadership Summit
Well today I attended the African American Leadership Summit! What a great event. The summit was sponsored by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinston (TX) and Senator Rick Santorum (PA) and co-chaired by Honorable Rod Paige - Secretary of Education.

What a great day and event! I feel empowered and excited to do good work in the African American community. The event had panel participants and discussed the following sub topics:

Health Care
Economic Development

Several distinguished and honorable guests spoke to the sell out crowd today, including Vice President Dick Cheney! What a day and what an event.

Some of the speakers included:

US Senator Lamar Alexander, Tennessee
Michael Steele, Lt. Governor, State of Maryland
Gerald Reynolds, Deputy Associate Attorney General, US Department of Justice
Renee Amoore - President, The Amoore Group (One of my personal idols)
Randall Maxey, M.D. President, National Medical Association
Franklin Raines, Chairman and CEO Fannie Mae
Tony Chase, Chairman and CEO - ChaseCom, LP., and Chase Radio Partners
Richard Knight, Jr., Founder and Chariman, KnightCo Oil Company

What an amazing day. I met African American leaders from all over the country and felt honored to be apart of such an esteemed group of African Americans.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Day Two of Blogging
I got a great email last night that a fellow Project 21 member ( was a contestant on Showtime cable networks new show American candidate.

I am so impressed with candidate Tara Setmayer, from Marathon, FL. She is an African American female Republican candidate.

Her platform is made up of three key topics:

1. Steadfast leadership on the war on terror.
2. Quality Education for all of our children
3. Robust economy and job creation through tax relief.

She is extremely impressive and I plan help get the word out to help her on this new reality show.

On a personal will be a busy day. I am headed to a function tonight being hosted by the South African Ambassador. I also was quoted yesterday in a press release regarding my comments in reference to Rev. Jesse Jackson and his call for the President to be tried by the United Nations for killing innocent civilians in the war in Iraq.

For those of you that want a quick background and bio of me, I promise tomorrow to post some background information.

Have a great blessed day!


Monday, April 26, 2004

OK, end of the day! What a day it has been. My first day of blogging. I feel as if I have learned so much! Thanks to my good friends John, and La Shawn for showing me the ropes and teaching me how to blog.

Look for daily, upbeat commentary on pertinent events of the day!

Fashion! Politics! Urban Lifestyle! Women's Issues! Urban Issues! Inner City Issues! All will be discussed!

Have a great night

Monday April 26, 2004
What a busy week and weekend. I drove to the office today listening to Sam Donaldson's show. Of course all of the uproar is over John Kerry and the "did he or didn't he" throw his medals or ribbons over the White House fence in 1971.

Of course John Kerry views, this as the modern "right wing conspiracy". I personally believe, that John Kerry needs to get his story straight and stick to it.

Other news, of course, is the Reverend Jesse Jackson's claims that the sitting President of the United States, George W. Bush be tried by the United Nations for going to war and killing Iraqi's and Americans on "faulty" information.