Wednesday, February 25, 2009

After years of reading about Twitter and FB. This year in 2009 I finally joined both. Twitter takes some getting used too....

Let me know if you are on Twitter as well.



Monday, February 02, 2009

Congratulations to Michael Steele. Yes! I am a proud voter of Barack Obama! I wept like a baby the night he won the election. Many of my Republican friends don't understand my feelings about President Obama or why I so vocally supported him during the election. I was a proud member of Republicans for Obama!

I am truly happy today to see that my party - the GOP has finally acknowledged it has a problem with being a 'white male only' party and has elected a wonderful man to its leadership, Michael Steele.

Chairman Steele is the reason why I became a Republican. I think he has great ideas and will bring the party forward. It needs to be a bigger tent and attract more moderate views.

I am hopeful that the party will move in a new direction. Now its time for Chairman Steele to roll up his sleeves and make some tough decisions!