Friday, May 07, 2004

"Friends" is Over
Well some are saying, "it is the end of an era".
Others are saying, "Finally..It is about time"

No matter your opinion on Friends, it is over.

Personally, when it first came on, I never watched it because it was in the same time slot as Living Single and the Thursday night Fox line up in the early 90's. Remember NY Undercover???? I am still in love with Malik Yoba!

Then, when Fox switched to "mainstream" shows, I decided to start watching Friends a few times over the season. Yes, I loved the gang. Though I knew their reality did not match anyone I knew in NYC. I got caught up in the hype.

Just in case their are any network folks reading this blog. Now of course I only have a few channels in heavy rotation. Sorry NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX. I don't watch very much network television.

Law & Order (Best Show on TV)
The Apprentice
The Today Show

That sums up my network television.

I am a MTV, HGTV, HBO, Fox News and MSNBC junkie!

Well, I was sad to see Friends go. I will miss Joey and Chandler, Ross and Rachel. I was really hoping to Aisha Tyler again, but oh well!!

Friends was an advertisers dream. A mainstream cast of beautiful people, that did nothing but sit in a coffee house all day, have an endless supply of money, lived near each other, had some of the best apartments in all of NYC, and basically did nothing but entertain us for 10 years.

Goodbye Friends!

Let the era of "reality shows" commence?

Anyone want to pitch a blog Survivor???


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